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The Yorkshire Enduro Club are hard at it again to create another fantastic Motofix Ryedale Rally. This year's two day event is on July 4th and 5th and is building to be one of the best ever.

Utilising last year's excellent start field in Goathland, North Yorkshire, there'll be the usual YEC freebies - free camping - free Saturday night food - two pubs next door (not free unfortunately) and clean loos!

Saturday will include 150 miles of forest roads, some single track, a few challenging bits to get the heart rate up and some beautiful tarmac through the Heartbeat countryside. There'll be a tea wagon to keep you fed and watered too.

Sunday is about 100 miles of similarly varied terrain giving you an earlier finish so you can set off for home in good time.

The event is part of the All Terrain Rally Challenge so if you are intending to contest the ATRC championship, or if you're coming from the Continent - please don't delay.

As in previous years if you want to ride with your mates you MUST enter a team or teams. This way I have an electronic record of who wants to ride with who.

The way this works is: if say there are five of you wanting to ride together…. as there are only 3 people in a team, 3 riders would put for instance Team Plonker 1, the other 2 riders would put Team Plonker 2. These two would not be entered in the team awards as they wouldn’t have a full team, but at least they would ride with the other members or their party. Team entry is free.


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Ride the Manxduro 18th/19th July 2015

Online entry system and more details can be found HERE

Entries are now open for the second running of the Manxduro 2 day enduro in the Isle of Man 18th 19th July 2015. During 2014 we relaunched our 2 day enduro event as the Manxduro and it became a round of the NEEC (North of England Enduro Championship) series attracting a great deal more riders of a high calibre. Enduro names such as Tom Sagar and Brad Freeman stars in their own right on the UK and world scene. With 122 riders from the island and further afield coming to ride this unique off-road event on the terrain that cut the teeth of world champions David Knight, Danny and Jamie McCanney.

If you have always wanted to visit the Isle of Man – the world capital of motorcycle racing – but not got around to doing it yet then why not come and ride our enduro. See the sights and enjoy our hospitality as we have onsite camping, food and a social BBQ on the Saturday evening plus the organising club Southern MCC is 90 years old so we will be celebrating this year. With much land secured exclusively for this event, the course will take competitors over the islands most challenging, yet breath taking scenery over 2-days. Including the clubs own 114 acres of land with a purpose built race headquarters where we run many events in all forms of off road motorcycling.

An early bird discount is available to all riders who enter before May 14th. You even get a free T-shirt!

Classes: Championship; Expert; Over 40; Clubman, Sportsman; Over 50; Vinduro

23rd August. The Brinks 2015 Round 6 of the NE-XC
The 2015 Brinks Regs are now on line.

Sorry there is no on line entry for this event.

Download the entry form and send it in the post.

The course is around 8 miles long and is a 3 hour event.

6th September Motul EnduroTek Thorp XC Stubble Cross

The Motul EnduroTek Thorp XC Stubble Cross on-line entry system is now turned on

This will be a simply awesome event with a massive lap using big stubble fields and woodland trails that have been graded for the event. This event should not be missed and is suitable for riders of all abilities.

Any questions about the event please ring the event director on 07793 259701.

A big thank you to for sending the track grading machine to ensure the course is in a fantastic condition ready to race.
2015 North of England Championship

29th March
Woodhouse NE-XC

19th April
Masham NE-XC

24th May
Thorp NE-XC

21st June
Woodhouse NE-XC

18th & 19th July
Manx 2 Day Enduro
Southern MCC

9th August
Camphill NE-XC

23rd August
Manchester 17

6th September
Thorp NE-XC
''Stubble Cross''

20th September
Long Mynd
Manchester 17

27th September
Tong NE-XC

4th October
White Horse Enduro

The 2015 North of England Championship Rules and Regulations
ENDURO and XC Multi-lap events.

The North of England Championship is a series of ENDURO and Hare & Hounds, Hare Scramble or XC Multi-lap events.


All riders must hold a current ACU licence or obtain a “one event day licence” and be over 16 years of age or over.
Junior and Youth riders can ride Hare & Hounds, XC Multi-lap events.
Where the Enduro includes the use of public roads it is the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure that the machine is roadworthy and complies with legal requirements.
All entrants MUST be a member of a club affiliated to the ACU, or apply for “club day membership”


The entry form for the relevant event must be completed in every detail and signed by each entrant.
Each completed entry form with entry fee (and club membership fee if required) should be forwarded to the event secretary.
All entries must be completed on the official entry form.


Various ability classes will be catered for.

Expert E1 E2 E3 combined
Clubman E1 E2 E3
Over 40’sOver 40’s E1 E2 E3
Over 50's E1 E2 E3 combined
Sportsman E1 E2 E3
Beginer / Novice E1 E2 E3 combined
Youth 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc
Juniors 7-12 years old Auto/65cc

The over 40’s class will be run on the clubman time schedule.
The over 50’s class will be run on the sportsman time schedule.
It is essential riders remain in the class they started in throughout the championship series.


Awards will be presented in each class at the end of the series as follows:

Expert overall 1st2nd3rd
Clubman E1 E2 E3 1st2nd3rd
Over 40’s overall1st2nd3rd
Over 50's overall1st2nd3rd
Sportsman E1 E2 E3 1st2nd3rd
Beginer / Novice E1 E2 E3 combined
Youth 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc 1st2nd3rd
Youth Girls 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc 1st2nd3rd
Juniors 7-12 years old Auto/65cc 1st2nd3rd


Points will be calculated for each class and awarded as follows:

1st20 Points
2nd17 Points
3rd15 Points
4th13 Points
5th11 Points
6th10 Points
7th09 Points
8th08 Points
9th07 Points
10th06 Points
11th05 Points
12th 04 Points
13th03 Points
14th02 Points
15th01 Points

The 2015 North of England Championship will allow riders to drop four individual rounds. Scores will be dropped from the final championship classification when the championship series. This rule applies to all ability classes. Time Card Enduro Events and XC Multi Lap events combined will form the 2015 Nort of England Championship.


Riders will be graded at the end of the series as follows:

Sportsman overall:

The top 25 Sportsman overall will be invited to ride in the clubman class.
“Invited” meaning it is not compulsory to be graded.
Riders who have not achieved a top 25 position cannot ride in the Clubman, Expert or Championship class.

Clubman overall:

The top 5 Clubman overall must ride in the Expert class.
The top 15 Clubman overall cannot ride in the Sportsman class.
Riders who have not achieved a top 5 position cannot ride in the Expert or Championship class.


The top 15 Experts cannot ride in the Clubman or Sportsman class.