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Fake ACU licences

The ACU have been made aware that fake ACU licences are being produced and sold on eBay. ACU Organising Clubs are being made aware of this. The ACU will be seeking legal advice with a view to taking some action against those selling the fake licences on eBay and those who have knowingly purchased the licence in full knowledge that it is not the true article. This is a fraudulent act which the ACU intends to take action on immediately.
Gary Thompson
General Secretary
Presentation night tickets now on sale

Updated information about the presentation night
The doors will be open from 7:00pm and awards presentation starts at 7:30pm through to 8:30pm. Dinner will then be a served from 8:30pm to 9:30pm consisting of a main, desert and tea/coffee. Any remaining awards will be presented before the party starts.

All 2014 championship award winners get free entry to the presentation night sit down meal & disco on Friday the 16th of January at the The Bridge Hotel, Walshford, Wetherby, North Yorkshire LS22 5HS.

Non award winners can buy tickets for the awards night for the subsidised price of £10 by selecting the number of tickets required and then clicking on the buy it now button.

There will be a list on the door with all championship award winners names and everyone who has used the paypal system to pay for tickets. It is requested that all championship award winners bring along some photo ID for example your ACU licence or driving licence.
We are sorry to ask for photo ID but the 2014 championship has seen well over 600 different riders attend the 2014 events and the ladies at signing on don't recognise everyone.

A list of the 2014 award winners can be found : HERE

Any award winners that are unable to attend the presentation evening please e-mail with a delivery address for the award to be posted to.

Discounted rooms are available & can be booked by ringing the Bridge Hotel on 01937 580115.

Number of tickets required

News update from the North of England Championship

CEM official sponsor of the 2014 presentation night
CEM official sponsor of the 2014 presentation night
The North of England championship has organised a presentation night for this year’s championship presentation on Friday the 16th January 2015 at the The Bridge Hotel, Walshford, Wetherby, North Yorkshire LS22 5HS. This a fantastic venue for the presentation with accommodation available.
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The presentation night has a new sponsor CEM Engineering that will make it possible for all award winners to attend the presentation night free of charge.

If your wondering what CEM engineering do take a look around the CEM factory HERE

The North Riding Enduro club along with the Yorkshire Enduro club, Southern MCC and new comers XC-Enduro club have put their heads and man power together to produce what looks like a fantastic Enduro Championship.

The 2015 championship will consist of a cross country series, consisting of 7-9 rounds taking place in the North of England, along with a possible 4 round Enduro series. As a long standing and respected association in the Northern biking community, the clubs forming the 2015 N.E.E.C. intend to pull out all the stops and host a championship worth riding with simply the best venues in the North.

The clubs forming the 2015 North of England Championship:
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Yorkshire Enduro Club

North Riding Enduro Club


Southern MCC

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Any feedback, from this year or suggestions for next year’s series would be appreciated.
Thank you once again for your support though the years, we hope to see you in 2015!
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2015 Proposed Event Dates

The Clubs forming the 2015 North of England Championship have put together the following events that will ensure riders have a superb 2015 championship.

29th March Woodhouse NE-XC NREC
19th April Masham NE-XC NREC
24th May Thorp NE-XC NREC
5th July Woodhouse NE-XC NREC
18th & 19th July Manx 2 Day Enduro NEEC Southern MCC
9th August Camphill NE-XC NREC
30th August Thorp Stubble Cross NE-XC XCEnduro
27th September Tong NE-XC XCEnduro
4th October White Horse Enduro NEEC NREC

The event format is in blue and the club hosting the event is in red.
For more details about each club click on the club names at the top of this page.
2015 Memberships now available

The NREC & XCEnduro have 2015 membership available on line.

To join the NREC as a riding member through 2015 go to the web site

To join XCEnduro as a riding member through 2015 go to the web site

2015 Membership is only £5.00 for the year. When you join NREC or XCEnduro you will receive a code to apply for your 2015 ACU licence. The code is unique and can only be used once.