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The Yorkshire Enduro Club are pleased to announce they will be running the ever popular 2 Day Ryedale Rally again in 2016.
The event will run on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2016.

Based in the North Yorkshire village of Goathland it will be an enjoyable 250 miles of forest tracks, moorland trails, tricky twisty bits in the woods and quiet country roads through beautiful countryside.
The event is really a marked trail ride with a couple of special tests to sort out the winners.
Its an ideal event to do if you have never ridden an offroad event before.

There'll be the usual free camping, free food on Saturday night and three pubs within walking distance.
The event is always a great ride so get this weekend booked and complete your online entry.
Entries are be available on the calendar page on this site.
We're hoping for access to new forests and are working hard for a great weekend so come and join us in July.




Remember if you want to ride with your mates you must enter a team or teams and each member of the 3 man team must enter the team name online in their entry.
ie if there are 5 riders wanting to ride together 3 riders would for instance put Team Dipstick 1 and the other 2 would enter Team Dipstick 2, the last two riders results wouldn't count towards the team awards as each team must have 3 riders, but they would get to ride with the other 3.
In other words I need an electronic record of who wants to ride with who.
Team entries are free.

Bob Wilson

Round 2 of the NE-XC 17th April Masham

The results are on the calender page.
Round 1 of the NE-XC 27th March 2016

The results are now on the calendar page.

The first round of the 2016 NE-XC took place this weekend.
The event sold out online, with no day entries available - over 170 riders were booked in. It was set to be a great start to the season.

The XCEnduro team spent a great deal of time clearing out sections of terrain to create an interesting and varied course, with quick paced flowing sections and some more technically challenging parts.

The run up to the event had been dry, but heavy rain overnight changed the terrain and race day saw beautiful sunshine, through to thunderstorms and hail.

The junior race was very challenging for the young riders and they all performed outstandingly given the adverse weather conditions that made the course very slippery.
THE YRF Enduro duo of Jack Hughes and Cristina Palmer took to the mud again this weekend the first time both riders would line up together and both were eager to get on to the gruelling course at Woodhouse.
Both riders started in fantastic form, and were quickly met by a climb that proved difficult for majority of the adult field. Both riders took a tumble (or two) at various points of the course as the conditions worsened.
Jack put together a courageous lap aboard his YRF – Race 2 off-road KTM, tackling every obstacle. However, the terrain proved to be too demanding for him and many others, and was unable to complete the race.
Jack quickly jumped in as pit crew for Cristina, displaying the true definition of ‘Team Mate’.
Young Cristina charged on flying the flag of the YRF completing six laps in one hour twenty-two minutes. The young Scot took third place in the Junior class receiving eight points for the championship.
Both riders showed tremendous effort on an extremely challenging course. Cristina’s father Stephen chaperoned his daughter around the course (mandatory for the Junior class) and showed clear signs of fatigue trying to keep up with his nine-year-old lady racer.

The AM race saw Ricky Pearson taking 1st place in Beginners, with 15 laps completed, Andrew Maben in the Over 50’s and Aden Overend in the Sportsman E1 both taking 1st with 17 laps.

The PM race saw the Experts and Clubman classes, with Graham Jarvis finishing 1st on 24 laps, followed closely by Lee Sampson on 23 and XCenduro rider Sam Ludgate on 22.

Clubman E1 rider James Gamble completed 18 laps for 1st place with John Bradford completing 21 in the Over 40A.

Fastest lap of the day went to Graham Jarvis.

There were some tired riders towards the end of the race, and marshals were on hand to keep the course clear and avoid any bottlenecks.

The day saw parts of the course diverted in the all three races to new sections that the XCenduro team had prepared, knowing the changing weather system Woodhouse has!

The riders all went home with rather a lot of mud on the bikes and boots as it ended up a rather muddy event.

Thanks to
The riders, the XCenduro team and all the marshals; without you, these events can’t happen.
The sponsors and spectators for helping create a fantastic atmosphere.
Special mention to The tractor driver and those of you who were stuck for having a great deal of patience!

If you didn’t manage to get a ride this time, get booked in early for the next event, you won’t regret it!

Photo's from the event can be found here
2016 North of England Championship Provisional Event Dates

2016 XCEnduro membership is now available on line

27th March
Motul Endurotek
Great Ayton

17th April
Motul Endurotek

1st May
Venue T.B.C.

29th May
Motul Endurotek

26th June
Motul Endurotek

31st July
Motul Endurotek

21st August
The Brinks
M17 Event

4th September
Motul Endurotek
Thorp Stubble

25th September
Motul Endurotek

9th October
Long Mynd
M17 Event

The 2016 North of England Enduro Championship

The North of England Championship Rules and Regulations
ENDURO and XC Multi-lap events.

The North of England Championship is a series of ENDURO and Hare & Hounds, Hare Scramble or XC Multi-lap events.


All riders must hold a current ACU licence or obtain a “one event day licence” and be over 16 years of age or over.
Junior and Youth riders can ride Hare & Hounds, XC Multi-lap events.
Where the Enduro includes the use of public roads it is the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure that the machine is roadworthy and complies with legal requirements.
All entrants MUST be a member of a club affiliated to the ACU, or apply for “club day membership”


The entry form for the relevant event must be completed in every detail and signed by each entrant.
Each completed entry form with entry fee (and club membership fee if required) should be forwarded to the event secretary.
All entries must be completed on the official entry form.


Various ability classes will be catered for.

Expert E1 E2 E3 combined
Clubman E1 E2 E3
Over 40’s A ( expert / good clubman capability)
Over 40`s B ( Clubman / Sportsman capability)
Over 50's E1 E2 E3 combined
Sportsman E1 E2 E3
Beginer / Novice E1 E2 E3 combined
Youth 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc
Juniors 7-12 years old Auto/65cc

Time card only:
The over 40’s class will be run on the clubman time schedule.
The over 50’s class will be run on the sportsman time schedule.
It is essential riders remain in the class they started in throughout the championship series.


Awards will be presented in each class at the end of the series as follows:

Expert overall 1st2nd3rd
Clubman E1 E2 E3 1st2nd3rd
Over 40’s A overall1st2nd3rd
Over 40’s B overall1st2nd3rd
Over 50's overall1st2nd3rd
Sportsman E1 E2 E3 1st2nd3rd
Beginer / Novice E1 E2 E3 combined
Youth 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc 1st2nd3rd
Youth Girls 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc 1st2nd3rd
Juniors 7-12 years old Auto/65cc 1st2nd3rd


Points will be calculated for each class and awarded as follows:

1st20 Points
2nd17 Points
3rd15 Points
4th13 Points
5th11 Points
6th10 Points
7th09 Points
8th08 Points
9th07 Points
10th06 Points
11th05 Points
12th 04 Points
13th03 Points
14th02 Points
15th01 Points

The 2016 North of England Championship will allow riders to drop three individual rounds. Scores will be dropped from the final championship classification when the championship series. This rule applies to all ability classes. Time Card Enduro Events and XC Multi Lap events combined will form the 2016 North of England Championship.


Riders will be graded at the end of the series as follows:

Sportsman overall:

The top 25 Sportsman overall will be invited to ride in the clubman class.
“Invited” meaning it is not compulsory to be graded.
Riders who have not achieved a top 25 position cannot ride in the Clubman, Expert or Championship class.

Clubman overall:

The top 5 Clubman overall must ride in the Expert class.
The top 15 Clubman overall cannot ride in the Sportsman class.
Riders who have not achieved a top 5 position cannot ride in the Expert or Championship class.


The top 15 Experts cannot ride in the Clubman or Sportsman class.