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North Riding Enduro Club

Provisional 2015 Event Dates

2015 Provisional Event Dates

29th March Woodhouse NE-XC
19th April Masham NE-XC
24th May Thorp NE-XC
21st June Woodhouse Challenge
9th August Camphill NE-XC
4th October White Horse Enduro

N.R.E.C. Information

The North Riding Enduro Club is a run through volunteers with only their sport in mind. Every penny is put back, to make your event ,the best it can be. In short we have one thing in mind, You. The rider.

All of the NREC woodlands are exclusive, and because our minds are not clouded by profit, we manage our courses, to last years. We have been organising events for decades, being one of the pioneers of XC events we know what will run, but mostly what wont. Experience counts and very little of our lap has to be cut.

When you join the North Riding Enduro Club, you join a club with you in mind. Whatever your ability your membership gives you right to enter all of the events advertised on

Thanks to Endurotek for supplying the North Riding Enduro Club with track tape & team shirts.
01429 861369


Contact Numbers & Email Addresses

NREC Chairman

Nigel Hutchinson : 07977 333629 [ ]

NREC (Event Secretary North Riding Enduro Club)

Situation Vacant : [ ]

NREC Entertainments Manager

Mic Watson : 07971 870220 [ ]

NREC Team Manager

Jason Cowlishaw : 07747 087526 [ ]

NREC Event Co-ordinator

Pete Weatherill : 07793 259701 [ ]

NREC official time keeper

Andrew Smith : [ ]

NREC Treasurer

R. Dodds : [ ]

NREC Secretary

Jenna Watson : 07532 082305 [ ]

NREC Chief Marshal

Steve Carver : 07890 637032 [ ]



There will be a meeting at the Coore Arms, Scruton, DL7 0QP at 5:30pm on Sunday 31st May. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss roles that need filling and the selection of people willing to be trained and shadowed in that role by the members who are stepping down. Anyone interested in taking the club forward in the coming years are most welcome. For further details contact the club chairman Nigel Hutchinson on 07977333629



NREC 2015 Membership Form