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Brinks 21st August 2016
Entry is now open for the ever popular Brinks Hare & Hounds run by the Manchester 17 mcc.


There will be no paper entries, unless Manchester 17 mcc have problems, as they're using the ACU system .

If you already have a licence it should take you just a few minutes to enter. If you don't then you'll have to register on the ACU website first but this only takes a couple of minutes and then you're good to go.

Click on the link above to proceed.
Camphill plantation Hare and Hounds - 26th June 2016
North Riding Enduro Club are happy to announce that we are running Camphill hare and hounds on 26th June, near Bedale.

This is the first time we have had access to run Camphill in June, as we have previously ran in August. We hope to see you there for a great days racing!

Please note this is a non championship event.

Results are available on the calender page.


Entry full. Final instructions now on calendar page Thank You!

The Yorkshire Enduro Club are pleased to announce they will be running the ever popular 2 Day Ryedale Rally again in 2016.
The event will run on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2016.

Based in the North Yorkshire village of Goathland it will be an enjoyable 250 miles of forest tracks, moorland trails, tricky twisty bits in the woods and quiet country roads through beautiful countryside.
The event is really a marked trail ride with a couple of special tests to sort out the winners.
Its an ideal event to do if you have never ridden an offroad event before.

There'll be the usual free camping, free food on Saturday night and three pubs within walking distance.
The event is always a great ride so get this weekend booked and complete your online entry.
Entries are be available on the calendar page on this site.
We're hoping for access to new forests and are working hard for a great weekend so come and join us in July.




Remember if you want to ride with your mates you must enter a team or teams and each member of the 3 man team must enter the team name online in their entry.
ie if there are 5 riders wanting to ride together 3 riders would for instance put Team Dipstick 1 and the other 2 would enter Team Dipstick 2, the last two riders results wouldn't count towards the team awards as each team must have 3 riders, but they would get to ride with the other 3.
In other words I need an electronic record of who wants to ride with who.
Team entries are free.

Bob Wilson

2016 North of England Provisional Event Dates

26th June

21st August
The Brinks
M17 Event

25th September

2nd October
White Horse- time card enduro

9th October
Long Mynd
M17 Event
The 2016 North of England Enduro Championship

Unfortunately due to land issues there will be no championship for 2016. All events will be run on a stand alone basis.
The clubs are working hard to secure new venues for 2017

The North of England Championship Rules and Regulations
ENDURO and XC Multi-lap events.

The North of England Championship is a series of ENDURO and Hare & Hounds, Hare Scramble or XC Multi-lap events.


All riders must hold a current ACU licence or obtain a “one event day licence” and be over 16 years of age or over.
Junior and Youth riders can ride Hare & Hounds, XC Multi-lap events.
Where the Enduro includes the use of public roads it is the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure that the machine is roadworthy and complies with legal requirements.
All entrants MUST be a member of a club affiliated to the ACU, or apply for “club day membership”


The entry form for the relevant event must be completed in every detail and signed by each entrant.
Each completed entry form with entry fee (and club membership fee if required) should be forwarded to the event secretary.
All entries must be completed on the official entry form.


Various ability classes will be catered for.

Expert E1 E2 E3 combined
Clubman E1 E2 E3
Over 40’s A ( expert / good clubman capability)
Over 40`s B ( Clubman / Sportsman capability)
Over 50's E1 E2 E3 combined
Sportsman E1 E2 E3
Beginer / Novice E1 E2 E3 combined
Youth 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc
Juniors 7-12 years old Auto/65cc

Time card only:
The over 40’s class will be run on the clubman time schedule.
The over 50’s class will be run on the sportsman time schedule.
It is essential riders remain in the class they started in throughout the championship series.


Awards will be presented in each class at the end of the series as follows:

Expert overall 1st2nd3rd
Clubman E1 E2 E3 1st2nd3rd
Over 40’s A overall1st2nd3rd
Over 40’s B overall1st2nd3rd
Over 50's overall1st2nd3rd
Sportsman E1 E2 E3 1st2nd3rd
Beginer / Novice E1 E2 E3 combined
Youth 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc 1st2nd3rd
Youth Girls 12-16 years old 85cc-125cc 1st2nd3rd
Juniors 7-12 years old Auto/65cc 1st2nd3rd


Points will be calculated for each class and awarded as follows:

1st20 Points
2nd17 Points
3rd15 Points
4th13 Points
5th11 Points
6th10 Points
7th09 Points
8th08 Points
9th07 Points
10th06 Points
11th05 Points
12th 04 Points
13th03 Points
14th02 Points
15th01 Points

The 2016 North of England Championship will allow riders to drop three individual rounds. Scores will be dropped from the final championship classification when the championship series. This rule applies to all ability classes. Time Card Enduro Events and XC Multi Lap events combined will form the 2016 North of England Championship.


Riders will be graded at the end of the series as follows:

Sportsman overall:

The top 25 Sportsman overall will be invited to ride in the clubman class.
“Invited” meaning it is not compulsory to be graded.
Riders who have not achieved a top 25 position cannot ride in the Clubman, Expert or Championship class.

Clubman overall:

The top 5 Clubman overall must ride in the Expert class.
The top 15 Clubman overall cannot ride in the Sportsman class.
Riders who have not achieved a top 5 position cannot ride in the Expert or Championship class.


The top 15 Experts cannot ride in the Clubman or Sportsman class.
Understand Timecards

At signing on for each event you will be given a time card. Usually sealed in a plastic wallet it will have a space for your name, riding number and start time.
Firstly write down on the card your riding number and start time taken from the entry list. Then add the times you are due at each check by adding on the time allowance for each check (in your class) on to your start time as below.

The jpeg at the side of this text is a timecardcard at the end of the event with the ETA times, that the rider is aiming to achieve and the official times, ie the time he actually arrived.

(A) On time - zeroed the check.

(B) Five minutes late - penalty of 300 points (one point per second late)

(C) The rider has added 5 minutes on to his arrival time at check 3 (you do not need to actually change your card the organisers will take the 5 minute lateness into account when working out the results) so he has still taken the allotted 40 minutes to do check 3….no penalty.

(D)The rider is continuing to add his five minute lateness to his check 4 time, he has taken 40 minutes from check 3 to check 4 and has zeroed the check….no penalty.

Once you are late, you stay late.

If you arrive early you do not check in until your set time, you will be penalised for early arrival.

Don’t panic if you loose time, others will have too!
But be careful not to loose more than an hour or you will be deemed to have “houred out” and will be disqualified

Special test times in seconds are added to your course penalty points
The guy who has the least points in total wins!!
It really is that simple!